Bloom Booster

Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Bloom Booster Mean?

A bloom booster, also known as a blossom booster or a bud booster, is any complete (containing nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium) fertilizer formulated to supply additional phosphorus to plants.

Phosphorous (P) is one of the three macronutrients required by all plants to develop healthy roots and aid in the blossoming and flowering phase. Phosphorous aids in a plant’s ability to transport necessary energy where needed during its blooming cycles.

Bloom boosters are commonly used around the fifth or sixth week of the flowering stage in a marijuana grow room. There are several brands on the market. Look for ones that contain a lot of almost potassium (K), because flowering marijuana plants crave more potassium than phosphorus.


Maximum Yield Explains Bloom Booster

Commercially formulated bloom boosters are available in a wide range of types. Organic bloom boosters are often slow release and work by way of microbial activity in the soil. Non-organic bloom boosters are usually water soluble and act quickly if a plant is able to absorb the nutrients.

Unless if a soil analysis or other nutrient analysis indicates a deficiency in phosphorus, bloom-enhancing fertilizers are not generally needed despite label claims to the contrary.

Most garden soils contain sufficient phosphorus to support normal, healthy blossom production. For greenhouse-grown crops, or those grown in soilless media, which is often the case with marijuana plants, the addition of a bloom booster may be warranted to achieve desired results. Adding the right bloom booster at the right time to your cannabis plants can increase their weight, taste, scent, cannabinoids, and terpenoids.

Too much phosphorus is not a good thing. Any phosphorous not used by the plant will be leached out and could potentially end up in waterways. This is what causes many unwanted algae blooms and can negatively affect a community’s drinking water and can be devastating to local populations of aquatic species as well.

Experiment with different brands of bloom boosters, and ask your fellow growers what works for them.


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