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Definition - What does Cloning mean?

In cannabis cultivation, cloning is a common method of propagating additional plants. It is the process of taking stem cuttings from a healthy, dependable parent plant (often called a mother plant) in order to produce more plants.

Cannabis plants can be easily cloned. The cuttings are carefully taken from the mother and placed in a grow medium where they will eventually take root and grow into adult plants with the exact same genetics as the mother plant.

In the case of valuable hybrids, which can't be grown from seed because the plants don't produce any (they are sterile), cloning is a viable solution.

MaximumYield explains Cloning

Cloning cannabis is a very fast and affordable way of growing more plants. A lot of growers prefer cloning over starting from seed because in the majority of the time the quality and outcome of the resulting adult plants are predictable. Growers can expect the same quality as the parent plant in which the cannabis cuttings were taken from. In other words, based on observations of the original plant, growers can deduce how the clone will develop, what external factors will affect it, and how to take better care of it.

To clone cannabis, the process begins by picking a healthy mother plant with desirable traits in which to take cuttings. Then, using a sharp, sterilized blade, cut off a lower stem at a 45-degree angle to provide it with as much area as possible for taking in the nutrients. Put the clone material into water immediately after cutting it off in order to stop any air bubbles from forming in the stem.

If there are too many leaves, you might want to take a few of them off to ensure faster rooting. After taking the cutting, apply a rooting hormone made of either powder, liquid, or gel, and then place the cutting in your desired grow media, such as rockwool, potting mix, or water. Many growers choose to user a device called a cloner, which is a humidity dome, to protect the cuttings until they take root.

A more advanced form of cloning is called tissue culture, which requires much more equipment and experience.

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