Seed Bank

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Seed Bank Mean?

A seed bank is a man-made repository of seeds from any number of plants for myriad reasons. Some seed banks house millions of seeds for the purpose of retaining a history of plant species; some seed banks exist as an effort to re-populate regions with region-specific flora in the event of a catastrophe, while others still operate seed banks as purely a commercial enterprise for rare, hard-to-find or difficult to legally obtain seed types.

With the expansion of cannabis legalization and decriminalization, more and more cannabis seed banks are springing up or at least making their stores better known and available to the public.


Maximum Yield Explains Seed Bank

Storage conditions of seeds in seed banks are of utmost consideration for the effect safe and long-term keeping of viable seeds. Some seeds can remain dormant and viable for hundreds to thousands of years; others quickly mold or die if not preserved under the most specific of conditions.

A “seed bank” may also refer to a natural repository of seeds such as in the soil or in canopy of trees. These types of seed banks may be managed to ensure their preservation, but are not populated with seed types selected artificially.

Today, many seed banks have an online component, where anyone can order seeds using the Internet. When sourcing cannabis seeds from a seed bank, always do your research to find a reputable company that has good reviews so that you don't end up with contaminated seeds.


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