Cannabis Plant Syndrome

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Cannabis Plant Syndrome Mean?

Cannabis plant syndrome is an affliction where people appear to be allergic to cannabis plants, especially in its raw, unprocessed form. This phenomenon is also sometimes called cannabis fruit/vegetable syndrome.

Cannabis plant syndrome is still being researched and understood by scientists. However, it would appear that individuals who suffer from an allergic reaction to the actively growing parts of a marijuana plant, such as its leaves, buds, flowers, and pollen, may not experience allergy symptoms when they use refined cannabis products such as concentrates or when they smoke the plant’s material.

However, once ingested, their body reacts to the chemicals within the cannabis differently and may cause the user to suffer a cross-allergic reaction to other types of plants or foods that they consume.


Maximum Yield Explains Cannabis Plant Syndrome

Once consumed, the plant’s chemicals react with the cannabis chemicals in the user’s body to create a cross-allergic response. Certain people who experience sensitivity or allergic reactions to the natural marijuana plant may start to experience hyper-sensitivity reactions that lead to secondary cross-allergies that are typically from plant-derived foods.

Researchers believe that cannabis plant syndrome involves a protein labeled Can s 3 that is found within cannabis sativa. Once the cannabis is consumed, the plant’s lipid transfer protein (LTP) often reacts to other plants or vegetables when they are also consumed. LTP is an allergen in many plants.

Allergy sufferers often experience sensitization when exposed to the cannabis plant’s LTP and then they experience food-plant allergy symptoms that they have never experienced previously.

It appears that in addition to secondary cross-allergies to plant derived foods, cannabis sensitive individuals may also develop cross-allergies to tobacco, latex, or plant-derived alcoholic beverages.

The allergy symptoms of cannabis plant syndrome can range from mild to life threatening. A skin allergy test can be performed to confirm cannabis sensitivity or allergies.


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