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Last updated: April 25, 2019

What Does Rolling Paper Mean?

Rolling papers are a special type of paper used for rolling up cigarettes, joints, blunts, etc., either manually by hand or by machine. They come in various sized sheets and are folded inside a cardboard wrapper.

Rolling papers were invented by the Spanish and are also known as “blanks”. The rolling paper is filled with tobacco, weed, cloves, damiana, or any other kind of herbs, and then smoked. The papers vary in porosity so as to allow ventilation of the burning herbs, or to contain the materials so as to control the burning rate and the stability.


Maximum Yield Explains Rolling Paper

Rolling papers originated from Spain. When Christopher Columbus returned from his voyage to America, he brought back tobacco to smoke and since the poor did not want to miss out on cigars, they rolled them up in newspapers. However, this way hazardous to their health, thus leading to the creation of rolling papers.

After the cigarette taxation blew up, so did the popularity of these rolling papers in North America and Europe. The cigarette smokers would use rolling papers to save on taxes while also savoring their tobacco fix. Shortly afterwards, marijuana smokers picked up the trend, and thus came the creation of joints.

Rolling papers are made up of materials such as rice straw, hemp, flax, and wood pulp and are usually between 70mm to 110mm long. They come in a variety of widths depending on the spliff needed, as the size, length, thickness and type of glue used has an effect on how well the join burns.

Rolling papers can either be bleached of unbleached. Some chemicals, when added to the production of rolling papers, make them lighter, stronger, or even burn longer. However, chemicals such as calcium carbonate, chlorine, and potassium nitrate result in health hazards such as respiratory tract damage and lung diseases.

Extra ‘oomph’ could be added to the terpenes so as to give a more citric flavor. The same can be done for a slight hint of blueberry by cocooning the marijuana in a flavored rolling paper. While some stoners may prefer to get some flavor when smoking weed, it may not always be a healthy choice to use flavored rolling papers. While flavored rolling papers are said to burn quicker than non-flavored rolling papers, the advantage of flavored rolling papers are the flavors that enhance the smokers’ sensory experience when smoking weed. Some flavors that can be chosen from are double chocolate, blueberry, coconut, grape, pineapple, etc.


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