Body High

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Body High Mean?

A body high is a feeling that a user of certain types of cannabis (or other substances) will likely experience after its use or consumption. It is characterized by feeling sedated and lethargic with a heightened sense of one’s body.

Individuals experiencing a body high often have their heart rate slow down. This is as opposed to a head high, which is the feeling or effect of different types of cannabis or other substances that do not fatigue the user, but rather have a stimulating effect. Those experiencing a head high often experience an increased heart rate.


Maximum Yield Explains Body High

A body high is often attributed to the use of Cannabis Indica and its derivatives, whereas a head high is often said to be caused by Cannabis Sativa and its derivatives. This distinction may well be correct, or at least be largely true.

Other properties such as the effect of substances known as terpenes may play a bigger role in whether a particular strain causes a body high or a head high.

As cannabis continues to become more acceptable, more studies into the actual chemical and biological mechanisms responsible for its effects will follow.

A body high is a particular type of high experienced from smoking or ingesting cannabis. Not everyone experiences them. More often, people describe the feeling as just being 'high' and they don't distinguish between the body high or head high they are feeling. In actuality, dispensary operators are more likely to use these terms when describing different strains to new customers.


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