Local Sesh

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Local Sesh Mean?

Local Sesh is an organization that is dedicated to providing educational and fun events for medicinal marijuana users. Their goal is to unify marijuana advocates, cannabis industry professionals, and local collectives for cannabis patients to learn about in one location.

Local Sesh is located in Southern California. Throughout the year they hold events that allow users to connect, enjoy, and medicate in an accepting atmosphere that is beneficial for everyone.

Tickets for the events are normally available online or at the gate. Attendees can also purchase local kits that contain samplings.


Maximum Yield Explains Local Sesh

Local Sesh events draw a wide array of local dispensaries, collectives, deliveries, and various other medical marijuana providers plus cannabis industry professionals. Medical marijuana users can learn first-hand about the cannabis products and the diversity of each. They can even meet growers and dispensary professionals. Live bands and local artists also abound.

The events all have a strong focus on education and enjoyment. Each event typically features fun competitions where people can enter their top edibles, cannabis concentrates, vapes, and flowers for a chance to win. Local Sesh usually partners with a charity to support a can food drive where they offer discounts on gate tickets to anyone bringing canned food.

The term “sesh” is slang for “session,” which has many meanings; including modern-day use as a sit-down gaming session, or spending any length of time on the computer.

The term originated in Great Britain, but in the United States, it has been adopted by the cannabis community as part of the culture, indicating a “puff, puff, pass,” 4:20 hang-out, or a time to come together in a communal gathering.


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