Seed Feminizer

Last updated: April 30, 2019

What Does Seed Feminizer Mean?

A seed feminizer encourages a cannabis plant to produce female seeds. It is a specially formulated solution that is used as a foliar spray. The solution can be homemade or purchased commercially.

Typically, seed feminizer spray contains varying levels of colloidal silver. It works by inhibiting the plant’s ethylene production. Without adequate ethylene, the plant will be unable to produce female flowers, which will then encourage male flower sacs to develop.

The male pollen sacs secrete only female pollen because the plant lacks male chromosomes. The female pollen production guarantees that only female seeds will be produced if used to pollinate a female flower.


Maximum Yield Explains Seed Feminizer

Most growers start to spray a seed feminizer on their cannabis plants one or two days before the light changes to a 12/12 ratio. The seed feminizer is liberally sprayed on the cannabis plant’s new growth for approximately 10 to 18 days until the male pollen sacs appear. The pollen can then be collected and used to pollinate another female plant to gain all female seeds.

When two female cannabis plants are the parents, the seeds produced are guaranteed to be all female. Likewise, when cloning a female plant, the resulting plants will be female. If you're only cloning plants instead of growing from seed, you don't need to worry about seed feminizer products.

When growing cannabis, the female plants produce the most abundant levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which makes female seeds highly desirable. The male plants are usually tossed, or at least kept away from the females.

There are a few distinct markers that help you identify the females from the males, and they have to do with their buds as well as their general plant anatomy. Female marijuana plants have colas, calyx, pistils, and flowers.


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