Four Twenty Games (420 Games)

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Four Twenty Games (420 Games) Mean?

The Four Twenty Games, often abbreviated to 420 Games, is a series of unique athletic events that take place in the United States. So far events have been held in California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Florida, and Nevada.

The 420 games promote the healthy and responsible use of cannabis. The events were created in 2016 by Jim McAlpine and since then have been growing in popularity. All events feature a 4.20 mile course, beer gardens, vendors, educational speeches, and music.

420 Games have been featured in mainstream media in publications like Forbes, Newsweek, Time, The Boston Globe, and the San Francisco Chronicle, which helps it in its mission to normalize cannabis use.


Maximum Yield Explains Four Twenty Games (420 Games)

As the benefits of cannabis are becoming more widely studied and known, more and more states are growing more accepting of the plant, and lifting previously imposed laws forbiding its use. The response has been a burgeoning cannabis industry that is an eclectic mix of growers, business owners, spokespeople, physicians, athletes, and more. It's also created a stream of additional opportunities for cannabis tourism, cannabis farmer's markets, cannabis trade shows, and cannabis events like the 420 Games.

The 420 Games were established to show that cannabis users are not lazy, unmotivated “stoners”. Most cannabis users are adding marijuana to their healthy, productive, and responsible lifestyles. The games demonstrate that you can enjoy marijuana and still be active, or even an athlete. At each of the events, a team of former professional athletes and National Football League stars regularly help pump up the crowds by telling their stories.

In its official mission statement, the organizers of the Four Twenty Games state that they do not advocate that everyone should use cannabis, rather, they advocate that cannabis can be a positive and helpful part of a productive and athletic person’s lifestyle. While the events are pro-cannabis, the emphasis is still on the sports, and event participants are asked to enjoy their cannabis discretely and legally.


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