Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Lollipoping Mean?

In cannabis cultivation, the term lollipoping refers to a distinct pruning technique that forms the plant into a lollipop shape. It is believed that trimming the cannabis plant into such a form encourages the plant to put its growth efforts into bud production.

The lollipoping technique increases the yield and the quality of the harvest. Here's how it works: eliminating the competitive growth of the plant that is not beneficial for the harvest helps the plant use its energy into developing optimum buds.

Lollipoping also helps conserve energy consumption by reducing the need for side grow lights in a grow room. Only the top of the plant needs to receive ample light.


Maximum Yield Explains Lollipoping

Lollipoping a cannabis plant eliminates the plant’s unwanted bushy growth. It improves air circulation around the plant, which reduces the likelihood of disease, fungal infections, and mold. Without the excessive lower foliage on the plant, the humidity level around the plant also decreases, especially after watering.

Lollipoping the marijuana plant is very good for plants that are cultivated outdoors in damp climates. The pruning technique is normally done when the cannabis plant is in its vegetative stage of growth.

Most growers continue trimming and shaping the plant for a few weeks until it becomes time to increase the plant’s light exposure to the 12/12 flowering phase.

To lollipop your marijuana, simply completely trim off all foliage growing on the bottom third of the plant. This includes any tiny branches and leaves. All that will be left are the bare main branches leading up to your main colas.


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