Vape Mods

Last updated: August 22, 2018

What Does Vape Mods Mean?

A vape mod is a mechanical device that contains no electronic components or circuitry to operate. The vape mod relies on a fire button that must be depressed by the user to make contact between the firing coil and the battery atomizer. The contact quickly heats the vape mod up.

Vape mods are much larger than vape pens. They are usually preferred because they produce more vapor and greater flavor. The larger size of the vape mod makes it less easy to carry around, so it is typically used at home.


Maximum Yield Explains Vape Mods

The vape mod can be used to vaporize dry cannabis plant material, cannabis wax concentrates, or oil concentrates. It has many benefits such as the ability to vape for a short time span, stop, and then restart at a later time without having to reload the vape mode.

A vape mod heats the cannabis to a point that vaporizes the cannabinoids so the user can easily inhale them. The vapor is not harsh like cannabis smoke from a pipe, joint, or bong.

Vaporizing the cannabis creates pure vapor that contains no harmful hydrocarbons. A vape mod will also bring out the flavor in the cannabis. The user will taste no burnt resin or other unpleasant aftertastes. A vape mod roasts the cannabis at a low temperature so the plant material barely has any odor compared to traditional smoking methods.


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