Cannabis Concentrate

Last updated: April 15, 2021

What Does Cannabis Concentrate Mean?

Cannabis concentrates are created via a mechanical process which separates the key-chemical-component-rich trichomes from the surface of the inert plant material. This physical separation of the trichomes from the plant material ensures the product is a solventless concentrate created in a solventless process.


Maximum Yield Explains Cannabis Concentrate

Cannabis concentrates have been used for thousands of years. Recent technology has caused a resurgence of interest in concentrates, largely due to the accessibility of these methods for the average consumer. Low heat, extreme cold, and extreme pressure can each play a role in concentration.

Hash, kief, dry sift, bubble hash, and rosin, can all be made with a minimum amount of equipment, knowledge, or experience, while maintaining the full-spectrum of cannabis’s terpene and cannabinoid components.

Solvents, heat, and even the curing process itself can often destroy key monoterpenes and other trace components. Therefore, concentrates are often seen as superior to extracts because they maintain the full spectrum of the cannabis plant’s chemical makeup. Recent understanding of the entourage effect shows that full-spectrum concentrates may be more important and medically effective than previously thought.

The OG cannabis concentrate is hash. Kief and dry sift are similar forms of the same product. Differing heat, pressure, and different source materials give us various physical forms of these concentrated trichomes. Rosin takes the refinement a step further using technology to create an even more pure and appealing product.


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