Trim Run

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Trim Run Mean?

Trim run, sometimes referred to as trim run extract, is a cannabis product made from the trimmings of a cannabis plant. The trim cuttings are comprised of stems, stalks, and leaves, as well as, on rare occasions, tiny pieces of bud or flower.

Growers often make massive batches of trim run using various types of extraction methods because they often are left with huge quantities of leaves, stems, and tiny nugs after harvesting a crop.


Maximum Yield Explains Trim Run

Trim run extracts are less expensive compared to nug run (extracts made from cannabis bud). This is because of the sheer quantity of trim cuttings that cannabis growers are left with after harvest of the plant’s flowers.

When it comes to potency, there is not enough evidence to say whether trim run will provide any less of a high than a nug run would. Trim runs don't contain as many beneficial cannabinoids as products made from full nugs, but are still said to be sufficiently potent for some people. Some producers have found that the difference between trim run and nug run is nearly negligible.

Some ways to tell the difference between a trim run and a nug run is by smelling the two products. If there isn’t much of an aroma, the extract is likely made from trim runs. However, an intense aroma signifies that the extract originated from a nug run.

Another way to differentiate between the trim runs and nug runs is by tasting the two. If extracts are smoked regularly, one should be able to eventually tell the difference between trim and nug run. Trim runs tend to have a less pronounced flavor and sometimes release a chlorophyll taste. For some people, trim runs leave a peppery feeling/flavor in the throat that they just can't get past, which is never a problem with a nug run.


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