Rosin Pressing

Last updated: June 4, 2021

What Does Rosin Pressing Mean?

Rosin pressing is a cannabis concentration process that utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to squeeze liquid resin from cannabis.

Rosin can be pressed from dried, cured cannabis flower, from various forms of hash such as kief, dry sift, or bubble hash, and even from flash frozen fresh cannabis, producing a product called “live rosin”. Each of these forms of rosin has subtle differences owing to the source materials.

Rosin is named after the process to create it, originally established by the makers of pine rosin and utilized on violin bows for hundreds of years.

Pressing cannabis rosin


Maximum Yield Explains Rosin Pressing

Pressing rosin requires 3 things: precise, low heat, extreme pressure, and a method for collection. It can also utilize a fine mesh filter bog to further purify the final product. Many variables affect the quality and quantity of rosin that is produced, including pressure, temperature, press time, moisture content, quality of source material, and which size filter bag, if any, is used.

Rosin is generally pressed at 170-210°F for approximately 30-90 seconds between two temperature-controlled metal plates, depending on the material and press being used. Pressure is usually as much as the equipment can provide. Higher pressure means more efficient separation. Lower temperatures preserve temperature-sensitive terpenes. Even the bud curing process itself can often destroy key monoterpenes and other trace components. New experimentation has led to "live" rosin and this "live" product offers superior terpene preservation.

The first cannabis rosin extraction techniques were essentially DIY machines, ranging from hair straighteners and hardware clamps, to heat plates, car jacks, and pneumatic press equipment. Rosin can be easily and safely produced by any consumer with minimal equipment and knowledge.

Currently, various capacities and types of rosin presses can be easily purchased from a variety of manufacturers.


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