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Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Grow Show Mean?

In cannabis cultivation, the term grow show is a slang term for grow op, which in turn is a short form of grow operation.

The term 'grow op' has become commonplace terminology used mainly by law enforcement and the media who bust illegal, concealed indoor cannabis plantations inside residential homes. In contrast, the term 'grow show' would be more likely used by the cannabis cultivators themselves, who are referring to their own plants or operations.

As the industry strives towards legalization and legitimacy, the term grow op is likely to only be used to represent illegal, underground cannabis gardens, and terms like 'grow show' or simply 'grow room' or 'cannabis growing facility' may take over. Moreover, rather than grow show or grow op, the term 'licensed producer' might also become more commonplace as legalization allows for more licensed, commercial growers.

Grow show may also be used in marketing; for example, there is a radio show presented by DFZ Radio called Heavy T's Grow Show.


Maximum Yield Explains Grow Show

Grow show is considered to be a favorable expression among cannabis cultivators, representing a successful, impressive garden of cannabis plants. In contrast, grow ops are framed in a negative light by law enforcement and the media.

Illegal grow ops usually have high-intensity lights for the plants to thrive under along with illegally bypassed electrical meters. These are used to reduce the costs of and also to prevent detection from electricity consumption.

Grow ops are often detected due to the heat they give out (either from infra-red thermography or in cold climates since the snow would melt on the roofs faster than other houses in the neighborhood).

There are many other signs that make a grow op stand out from other houses, such as enhanced security, untidiness, a strong odor emanating from property, frequent power surges, and weird mechanical noises from the machines used to grow weed.

Some larger-scale (commercial) grow ops/grow shows are set up in larger industrial buildings (warehouses) rather than in suburban, residential areas.


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