Grow Room

Last Updated: March 26, 2019

Definition - What does Grow Room mean?

The term 'grow room' (sometimes expressed as one word: growroom) refers to an interior area that is suitable for indoor gardening, specifically of marijuana plants. A grow room, in other words, is a location that has been dedicated and designed to be used for interior farming. It is usually completely sealed from the outdoors, aside from some strategically placed ventilation.

Marijuana grow rooms can be small, such as a spare bedroom or converted garage, or they can be quite massive. In vegetable crop production, commercial grow rooms are often called plant factories, indoor gardens, or indoor farms.

An indoor grow room differs from a greenhouse, which isn't completely sealed, and also differs from a grow tent, which can be thought of as a portable grow room.

MaximumYield explains Grow Room

The term 'grow room' originated with marijuana culture, referring to a safe and secure indoor space where the crop could be grown without suspicion. Since then, the word grow room has expanded to refer to any indoor space for any type of indoor garden.

A basement or cellar is a great location for a grow room, cannabis or otherwise, because it often already has thick, insulated walls, little outside light coming in, and is relatively out of the way of the everyday living space. Because a basement is often semi-underground, it’s usually at a relatively stable temperature and easier and cheaper to heat.

Things to consider when building a marijuana grow room are the materials that are to be used. The walls can’t be made of drywall or any other material that is subject to mold or mildew from the humidity produced by the garden.

A grow room must also have a tiled or vinyl flooring that can withstand the water that is certain to drip from the pots or growing trays. A good grow room should also be able to accommodate the grow light fixtures, which are central to growing marijuana, as well as be well-ventilated and have a solution in place for any strong odors escaping from the room.

The advantages of growing cannabis in a grow room rather than a greenhouse is that the lighting, temperature, and humidity levels are all easier to control and maintain. Grow rooms are perfect for both conventional or hydroponic small-space gardening.

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