Last updated: October 24, 2018

What Does Cola Mean?

Cola is a botanical term that describes the flowering site of a female plant. In the case o cannabis cultivation, it refers to a cannabis plant.

Note that the cola actually consists of the entire flower, as well as its connection to the larger plant.

Colas always form near the end of a major branch, as this provides the most access to sunlight and pollinators for the flower (bud/nug).


Maximum Yield Explains Cola

Flowering plants have different physical structures from those that reproduce without flowers. In the female cannabis plant, the flowering site is called a cola. To distill that down further, the cola is where the bud blossoms. In essence, the entire bud and the surrounding plant material constitute the cola.

In the wild, a marijuana plant will produce only a single large cola near the top of the plant. It may produce other colas at other locations, but these will be smaller and inferior in terms of quality, particularly when it comes to harvesting.

Unlike other plants, cannabis colas are long, narrow, and grow vertically. They can be “popcorn” buds, which carry a lower cash value, or they can be large and robust, meaning they have a higher cash value, and also contain higher concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes.

In commercial growing operations, cannabis plants can be grown in ways that encourage the development of multiple large, high-quality colas. For instance, using the screen of green (SCROG) growing technique, growers can achieve multiple large buds across a single plant, increasing their yields significantly.

It’s important to note that some strains are resistant to these efforts. These are said to have “single cola dominance” and will almost always produce just a single large bud, unless grown with the sea of green (SOG) growing method.


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