Capitate Stalked Trichome

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Capitate Stalked Trichome Mean?

Capitate stalked trichomes are the most abundant glandular trichomes on the cannabis plants. They secrete essential oils and compounds such as THC and CBD.

Capitate stalked trichomes are visible to the human eye and are the largest glandular trichomes that grow. They consist of a stalk and a waxy head.

In addition to capitate stalked trichomes, cannabis plants also produce bulbous trichomes, which are much smaller than the capitate stalked trichomes but are still considered valuable glandular trichomes.


Maximum Yield Explains Capitate Stalked Trichome

Capitate stalk trichomes develop during the flowering stage and are transparent-looking hairs. They form from the capitate sessile glandular trichomes that fill with resin.

As cannabis plants grow and mature, their capitate stalked trichomes might change color depending on the strain. At the end of the harvest, the trichomes usually change from a whitish, translucent color to an amber color. This indicates it's almost time to harvest.

Capitate stalk trichomes develop on both the male and female plants. The female plants grow them in greater abundance and they grow mostly around the pivotal flowers and on the leaves surrounding the seed pod.


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