Inert Grow Medium

Last Updated: August 13, 2018

Definition - What does Inert Grow Medium mean?

An inert grow medium is a substance that growers use to grow and secure the roots of a plant. The medium does not supply any nutritional supplements to the plant’s root system.

Because the medium is inert, the grower can more easily control the nutrient and water supply and ratios that the plant receives. The inertness of the medium also allows the grower to maintain the pH level around the plant’s roots.

Ideal growing mediums are very important for marijuana plants being grown in a hydroponic grow system because the inert grow medium takes the place of soil and can be tailored to fit each strain and plant type's specific needs. Inert grow media is widely used for cannabis cultivation, but it is also used to grow a bevy of other types of vegetables and crops.

MaximumYield explains Inert Grow Medium

An inert grow medium lacks nutrients and beneficial microbes, so it would be unable to grow any vegetative life without a grower adding the required nutrients to sustain life.

There are a variety of growing mediums that are used for cannabis cultivation. Unlike soil, inert grow mediums do not decay or compost. Some types can even be reused if they are sterilized in between each growth cycle.

The most popular mediums are rockwool, coco coir, perlite, clay pellets, vermiculite, grow stones, peat, and coco-coir. All of the mediums used are light and porous, which allows the marijuana plant’s root system to receive the maximum oxygenation that it requires to grow. The inert grow medium also supplies optimal support to the cannabis plant’s roots, stalk, and foliage.

Inert grow mediums are considered soilless mixes, or soilless media. Some types require soaking, washing, or pH balancing before their first use, which enables a plant to easily put down roots. Inert grow media is sometimes also referred to as hydroponic grow media because they require the addition of hydroponic nutrients.

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