Definition - What does Growstone mean?

Growstone is a commercially available hydroponic growing medium that is made of recycled glass and is used to grow all sorts of crops, including cannabis. The glass is completely broken down into small, smooth pieces that can be easily worked with.

In addition, Growstone is considered an inert material; it doesn't supply plants with any additional inputs or elements that could interfere with the nutrient solution in the system.

MaximumYield explains Growstone

When growing cannabis plants hydroponically, there must be some way to anchor the plants as the nutrient solution flows around their roots. Sometimes this is done by planting through holes drilled in the top of PVC piping, other times the plants are planted into an inert material, which is commonly called a grow medium or substrate.

When hydroponics first became common practice, sand or clay pebbles were most often used as the grow medium. Today, products like Growstone, coco coir, and rockwool are becoming popular grow mediums as well.

The growing medium that holds the plants in the growing tray should not contain any nutrients, as it's better if the plant is fed its entire life by the nutrient solution flowing over its roots. Instead of supplying nutrients, the purpose of the growing medium is to hold down the plants so do not get swept away by the flowing nutrient solution. Growstone is made entirely out recycled glass, so it is completely inert and perfect for this job.

Growstone is highly porous, which provides a lot of aeration to the roots. It is also lightweight, non-degradable, and made completely of recycled materials. Because it is made from glass, it is non-toxic and guaranteed to be free of contaminants like pathogens.

Growstones have no effect on the pH of the garden and does not compact, so roots are never suffering. Growstones are also popular for growing cannabis and other hydroponic crops due to the fact they can be reused or further recycled, doing no damage to the planet.

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