Fabric Containers

Definition - What does Fabric Containers mean?

In cannabis cultivation, fabric containers, often referred to as fabric pots, are alternatives to plastic containers commonly used for houseplants and other types of plants raised in containers.

There are plenty of materials used to make planting containers, including plastic, wood, porcelain, ceramics, and clay. Fabric containers provide plants many advantages, including giving plants the ability to air-prune, which is to say fabric pots prevent cannabis plants from becoming 'root bound'.

MaximumYield explains Fabric Containers

There are several manufacturers of fabric containers used for growing marijuana, including GeoPot, SmartPot, Root Pouch, SpringPots, FloraFelt, and more. Each of these fabric pots have standout characteristics; some have handles, some have zippers, and some come in several colors and sizes to accommodate large tree-sized strains.

The big benefit of growing plants in fabric pots is that they receive more oxygen to their root zones. In standard plastic nursery pots, roots eventually hit the walls of the pot and have nowhere to go, so they spiral around one another, becoming root bound. In the fabric pot, the roots grow outward and can effectively breach the wall of the fabric. In doing so, they are naturally pruned by the air and light. This exposure essentially air-prunes the root, encouraging the plant to keep growing more and more roots. The increase in root mass below leads to more vegetation up top.

Fabric pots also prevent overwatering, can be used with a wide assortment of grow mediums, are reusuable, are environmentally friend, and safe to use on consumable herbs such as marijuana.

They come in common colors like black, brown, and tan. They work especially well in hydroponics systems where they have a constant water supply.

Fabric pots are not suitable for outdoor patios in high summer heat, unless a grower is home to constantly water the plant.

Fabric pots should not be confused with Air-Pots, a brand of air-pruning and root aerating container that is made of rigid plastic but features numerous holes where plants can access the air and be pruned, similar to what happens with fabric containers.

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