Last Updated: July 9, 2018

Definition - What does Loam mean?

Loam is a great planting medium for starting cannabis. The abundant nutrients present in loam give marijuana plant roots a good start in the growing process, which is why it is so highly recommended.

Loam is basically standard, store-bought soil that is actually a composite of organic matter and different soil types such as sand, clay, humus, silt, and sand. This gives it a wide range of bio-available nutrients for the plant. It also makes it much easier to work with.

MaximumYield explains Loam

Loam is popular for cannabis cultivation because it drains easier than other kinds of soil and it is loose enough so roots can easily move through. Each packet of loam will have the composite breakdown on it, and ideally it will be made out of humus, clay, and sand. It works great for moisture retention as well.

As a growing medium, loams are good because they are very fertile. They have the added benefit of being sterile and free of pests. Another reason why loam is great for growing is because it is neither too acidic or alkaline. It falls in the middle of the pH scale so that it's easier to adjust the pH and support healthier plants. Loams with a lot of organic matter can support a marijuana crop with little need for amendments. They range from more loose and sandy to densely packed.

Loam soil provides the ideal growing environment for many plants because it contains more humus, nutrients, and moisture than regular soil. It also provides good aeration due to its porous texture that optimizes water absorption.

In some cases, humus is added to the loam mixture if the plot of growing soil naturally lacks bacteria. Humus for loam is made up of animal matter and decomposed vegetables.

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