Mother Plant

Last Updated: April 5, 2019

Definition - What does Mother Plant mean?

A mother plant, sometimes referred to as a parent plant, is a healthy, adult, female cannabis plant that growers take cuttings from. The resulting cuttings, or clones as they are often called, are expected to grow into adult plants that have the same genetics as the mother plant.

Mother plants are often pampered by growers, being given their own special living quarters and dialed-in nutrient feeding schedule to ensure their prolonged health. Mother plants should routinely be given beneficial additives like amino acids, humic and fulvic acids, and bio-stimulants like kelp or seaweed extracts. They also don't require as much nitrogen as regular plants in the vegetative stage.

MaximumYield explains Mother Plant

In cannabis cultivation, cloning plants, rather than growing them from seeds, is considered a faster and more economical way of propagating plants. The process is easy to pull off once you've mastered the basics, but the key is having the ideal mother plant to start with.

Mother plants are often grown from seeds and are selected because of their unique and desirable characteristics. For example, a cannabis plant that produces large, high-quality flowers, has a high yield, and has strong physical characteristics would be an excellent candidate for a cannabis mother plant.

When selecting a mother plant, be sure to avoid ones that have ever been infected with pests or plant pathogens. Also, be prepared to change up your mother plant after a year or two because eventually she will experience enough cellular degradation that the survival rate of her cuttings will decrease.

Remember, cuttings taken from the mother plant will grow to have the same genetic qualities as the original plant. In cannabis plants, stem cuttings are preferred; the piece of stem will produce new roots if it is properly hydrated.

Cannabis mother plants can be cut and cloned during their flowering cycles. Before you begin, research cloning methods before snipping from the mother plant to ensure your cuttings are big enough to produce roots, yet small enough that the mother isn't negatively affected.

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