Ebb and Flow

Definition - What does Ebb and Flow mean?

Ebb and flow, also known as flood and drain, is a type of hydroponics system used by both hobby and commercial cannabis growers.

In an ebb and flow system, an intermittent water supply flows over plants grown in an inert medium. The water supply, typically called the nutrient solution, contains all the nutrients marijuana plants need to grow.

For cannabis cultivation, hydroponics is often preferred over soil-based gardens due to how clean and convenient they are to use indoors, where the environment can be fully controlled. Ebb and flow in particular is a common hydroponics system used for growing marijuana because it is easy to use, requires little maintenance, and produces high yields.

MaximumYield explains Ebb and Flow

The most basic ebb and flow system uses a single pump to deliver nutrients to plant roots, while gravity flows the nutrients away. In an ebb and flow system, a grow tray should be completely filled with a soilless grow medium like clay pebbles or gravel, and then the plants are placed in trays. You can also use buckets or separate containers for each plant.

In addition to these materials, you'll also need a support table. One drawback with the ebb and flow system is that roots can become entwined, which can make them difficult to remove and create an environment that welcomes pathogens. This is one reason why some growers opt for individual containers for their plants.

In addition to ebb and flow systems, there are other types of hydroponic systems like nutrient film technique, aeroponics, drip systems, deep water culture, and aquaponics. The systems are all classified by the method in which the hydroponic solution is applied to plants.

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