Organic Weed

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Organic Weed Mean?

Organic weed is organically grown cannabis. The plant is grown the way that nature intended it to flourish.

Organic weed is cannabis that is allowed to grow in natural soil without any interference from humankind. No pesticides or chemicals are used to accelerate growth or production. Organically grown weed depends on natural nutrients, soil, and sunlight.

With cannabis becoming more widespread, most growers focus on faster production and greater yields. For example, cannabis cultivation has become a science with the hydroponic movement, and with chemical nutrients and artificial lighting all being used to replicate and accelerate a plant’s life span to produce bigger and more abundant flowers and buds. This is in contrast to organic weed cultivation.


Maximum Yield Explains Organic Weed

Organic weed is believed to provide greater taste and smell. Cannabis grown naturally features a more pungent aroma because the plant is allowed to naturally develop its levels of terpenes, cannabinoids, and terpenoids.

Organic weed grows far more consistently when allowed to develop the way that nature intended. The plant’s ingrained genetics play a role in its survival and ability to withstand adverse growing conditions.

Supporters of organic weed also view it as better for the environment because no chemicals are being used in its development.

Advocates of organic weed also believe it is cleaner to inhale and cleaner for use in edibles because it contains no harmful pesticides or chemical nutrients.


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