Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Potent Mean?

In cannabis culture, the term potent is used frequently to refer to how strong of an effect a certain marijuana strain will have on the user, whether that be positive or negative, and recreational or medicinal.

Potent cannabis is typically denoted by the level of the psychoactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA) found in each strain. The THCA is heated through a process known as decarboxylation to convert it into usable THC that binds with the body’s receptors to create the physical high sought by users.

Marijuana plants with high levels of THC will create a greater psychoactive experience in the user. The genetics of each strain plays a key role in the potency of the cannabis. Growers work to cultivate plants with potent levels of cannabinoids.


Maximum Yield Explains Potent

Potent cannabis has always been the goal of breeders. Highly potent strains usually boast levels of THC that hover around 20 per cent. However, in recent years there are even more potent strains of marijuana available. Many have levels of THC that average around 35 percent.

In 2017, the most potent strains of cannabis around the world included Nova OG, Pink Starburst, King Tut, Chiquita Banana, Gorilla Glue, Blissful Wizard, White Fire OG, The White, Bruce Banner #3, and Girl Scout Cookies.

Potent cannabis products also include concentrates and edibles. Concentrates, used for dabbing, such as butane hash oIl (BHO) are considered some of the most potent forms of cannabis concentrates available.

Aroma is a key indicator of how potent a product might be, but it shouldn't be the only judge. For patients new to medical marijuana, a budtender at a dispensary will often recommend something less potent, and work their way up to a level where the patient is benefiting the most from the medicine.


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