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Definition - What does Seed mean?

The seed of the cannabis plant develops when a male marijuana plant successfully pollinates a female.The pollinated female plant then produces seeds. A clone cannabis plant rarely has the ability to produce seeds.

The buds of the female cannabis plant that are used by smokers and in concentrates are typically unfertilized and produce no seeds.

The seed is the mature and fertilized ovule of the plant. It has a protective shell and within the shell casing resides the embryo with its food supply. When the cannabis seed is exposed to heat and moisture, it will germinate and grow into a plant.

MaximumYield explains Seed

The seeds of cannabis plants can look different depending on the variety. For example, indica strains produce larger seeds than sativa strains.

All cannabis seeds are tear-shaped and come in varying shades of tan or brown. Some have stripes, others a mottled appearance, and some specks. Good marijuana plant seeds boast a hard outer shell.

Typically, marijuana plants are dioecious, but in some cases, a plant is a true hermaphrodite and will produce both male and female flowers. The male flowers on a hermaphrodite plant can often fertilize the female flowers on the same plant to produce viable seeds. As the seeds of a cannabis plant mature, the plant starts to die and the seeds are dropped.

Growers usually source marijuana seeds from their existing plants, from their friend's plants, or through online orders from a seed bank. To avoid having to worry about seeds, some growers opt to clone their existing plants. Each method of growing, from seed or from clone, has its advantages and disadvantages.

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