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Definition - What does Trellis mean?

A trellis apparatus is commonly used in cannabis cultivation to support or train larger strains as they grow. A trellis, or trellising, is commonly made from bamboo, wood, plastic, or metal, and is also used in vertical gardens and all sorts of traditional horticulture.

In addition to cannabis plants, trellises are often used in viticulture to provide support climbing roses, ivy, clematis, and grapes. While some plants tend to automatically wrap themselves around trellises, others such as marijuana plants need to be trained to grow in a certain direction. Growers achieve this by strategically placing their trellis and screens in addition to softly bending and tying plants to the supports.

MaximumYield explains Trellis

In some cases, it is important to support the plant to prevent overgrowth. Some cannabis strains, for example, can become unruly fast, which is why they should be adequately contained by a trellis. Sometimes a cannabis trellis can be as simple as a metal screen or tomato cage; other times growers use elaborate plastic grids.

There are organic options, like bamboo trellises; however, they have been known to harbor bacteria and should be sterilized before use. Many horticulturalists use straw or wooden trellises in addition to twist ties, plant clips, and an assortment of household objects to effectively trellis the plants in their growrooms.

Combined with a mix of pruning and trimming, trellis is an important practice during the vegetative stage as plants prepare to flower.

A trellis can help in monitoring pest control efforts because it keeps plants away from soil-bound insects, worms, and other parasites. In addition to cannabis growrooms, trellises are quite common in vegetable gardens, since some produce, such as beans and peas, often need something to hold on to and climb as they grow. Other produce, such as cucumbers, melons, and squash need to be supported by a trellis to produce more aesthetically pleasing fruit.

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