True Breed (IBL)

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does True Breed (IBL) Mean?

A true breed strain (also known as IBL) of cannabis will produce stable, consistent offspring off a single dominant phenotype. Normally, true breed strains are found among landraces and some traditional cultivars.

Breeders also frequently use the term true breed to denote certain strains that will produce single specific traits over and over again through the generations.

Usually, breeders will focus on dominant traits in the parent plants that produce in a stable fashion. In order to obtain a true breed strain, the parent plants cannot have unpredictable traits. Parent plants with predictable traits will produce offspring that feature those traits and will pass them on to future generations.


Maximum Yield Explains True Breed (IBL)

Ultimately, the goal to create a true breed strain is achieved through selective parental and offspring breeding over numerous generations until the dominate traits stabilize. With a true breed strain, the plants will predictably reproduce the same desirable traits generation after generation with very little variance.

Through the manipulation of genes via selective breeding, a true breed strain can be created and maintained.

With a true breed strain, the desirable genes will repeat themselves generation after generation to achieve ultimate predictability so that a grower or user does not have to guess or wonder at what traits the cannabis plant strain will have or not have.

With a true breed strain, each generation of the plant will retain the exact same dominant genes to produce a wonderfully predictable offspring.


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