CBD E-liquid

Last Updated: August 24, 2017

Definition - What does CBD E-liquid mean?

CBD e-liquid is like a normal e-liquid that is used in a electronic cigarette, except CBD e-liquid is a marijuana-infused product (MIP), rather than a nicotine product. Both are used as the fluid for electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) or vaporizers (vapes).

CBD e-liquid is also known as CBD vape juice and cannabis e-juice. It is considered a convenient and beneficial way of consuming CBD. Consuming CBD e-liquid does not get a person high; it only delivers the healing properties of the marijuana.

Cannabidinol, the active ingredient in CBD e-liquid, is used mostly for its medicinal properties, and has been used medically long before vaping became popular.

MaximumYield explains CBD E-liquid

For effective use, e-liquids should be homogeneous in nature, meaning that the product should be well mixed and uniform, and not separate into different layers. But, separation of CBD e-juice into layers is a major issue in liquid vaporizers right now as the CBD does not mix with the majority of e-liquid base options. When such separations occur, uneven dosages are added to the vape pen, making it hard to control how much CBD is consumed by the user each time.

Liquid options for consuming CBD include CBD vape oil and CBD hemp oil, which are two different things. CBD hemp oil is not intended to be vaporized, while CBD vape oil, although not a true oil, is intended to be smoked. Both products are made from CBD, a cannabidiol derived from hemp.

CBD hemp oil, made from the male marijuana plant, may contain trace amounts of THC but will not have enough of a psychoactive effect to allow a person to feel high. CBD hemp oils are not meant to be used as e-liquids and at first were actually reserved for oral tinctures.

Nowadays there is CBD vape oil, also referred to as CBD e-liquid or CBD vape juice, that is specifically made to be used as the juice in electronic cigarettes. While also made from hemp, CBD vape oil does not contain THC. The CBD for vape oil comes from industrial hemp, which are completely legal crops in the United States if they contain less than 0.3% THC.

CBD e-liquids come in different strength levels, just like how regular e-liquids come in different nicotine levels. The effects are stronger as the milligrams of cannabidiol rises. However, the effects vary from person to person, as well as from ailment to ailment. Unlike nicotine strength levels, where users are for the most part trying to decrease their nicotine intake over time, it is said that users of CBD vape oils work their way up in strength levels.

Cannabidiol extracts can have unique flavors and give electronic cigarettes different tastes. While some users have described the taste of CBD to be earthy, other users have said that CBD tastes grassy. The distinct flavors of some CBD extracts can be used as nice complimentary flavors or they can be masked by other flavors.

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