Down Stem

Last Updated: August 13, 2018

Definition - What does Down Stem mean?

A down stem is a relatively long tube of glass, metal, acrylic, or ceramic that attaches a bowl that holds the heated cannabis to a water pipe (typically called a bong).

A down stem plays a pivotal role when smoking cannabis because it allows the user to readily pull smoke from the bowl’s burning cannabis, through the down stem, and into the bong’s water and then up out of the bong’s stem to be quickly inhaled by the user.

MaximumYield explains Down Stem

A down stem is a key component for a bong because it pushes the smoke through the bong’s water so it can be efficiently filtered. As the smoke diffuses into the bong’s water, the water quickly traps the ash and tar so it does not pass into the user’s lungs.

The female end of a diffused down stem often has around 10 to 15 small slits or holes and is placed so it reaches into the bong’s water. The holes enable the user to take large, water-filtered hits easily from the bong.

Down stems come in a variety of diameter sizes and lengths to fit and customize a bong to the user’s personal preferences.

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