Dugout System

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Dugout System Mean?

In cannabis culture, a dugout system is a small portable box about the size of a cigarette lighter. One side holds a small pipe, known as a bat or a one-hitter pipe, and the other side gives you a place to store your weed.

Dugout systems are a great way to store everything in one place, and some devices come with extras, like hemp wicks.

Dugout systems are available at head shops and possibly other shops like souvenir gift shops or online. They come in many different shapes and styles.


Maximum Yield Explains Dugout System

Dugout systems are typically made out of wood or metal, but most often wood. The system is essentially a box with a rotating lid with one side holding the pipe and the other side full of weed (dried, cured bud).

When used in typical fashion, a person is supposed to grind the weed, and then put it in the compartment with the help of something like a business card to funnel the product. Then, you just stick the pipe in the other side and the dugout system is packed and ready to go.

Higher quality dugout systems are spring-loaded so that when you open them, the pipe sticks out for easier access. Another feature some dugout systems have is a cleaning tool to keep the pipe working.

Dugout systems are a convenient and discrete way to smoke. They are typically thought of as a classier way to smoke and they also help to conserve a person's stash of weed.


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