Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Creeper Mean?

Creeper is a slang term that denotes weed that may be slow to affect an individual but once the person starts to feel high they become exceptionally stoned and often lose all track of time.

Some people say that creeper cannabis takes five minutes to kick in after it is smoked but the user will lose at least an hour of time once they start to experience the high. The high slowly creeps up on the user.


Maximum Yield Explains Creeper

Nowadays, people can enter a dispensary and request a cannabis product that has the distinction of being a creeper. A creeper weed is slow to take hold of an individual but once it does, the overall high feeling is exceptionally strong. It often lasts three to four hours.

Medicinal marijuana users often opt to purchase creeper strains of cannabis because of the longer term effects and also for pain relief. It tends to be relaxing and the perfect cannabis choice for anyone who wants to sit around and do very little after partaking of the product.


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