Coming Down

Last updated: May 12, 2021

What Does Coming Down Mean?

In general, coming down refers to sobering up from any kind of drug. In its more popular usage, the term coming down is most often used to describe a negative experience. Coming down can be described as a side effect of taking marijuana that could cause the user to get very tired, emotional, or moody a few hours after having ingested it.

During a harsh come down, the user is said to feel burnt out, lazy, and even a bit depersonalized. It’s said to be an unpleasant feeling as the brain feels fried, causing a person to have trouble focusing. Someone who is coming down off the effects of marijuana or other drugs usually feels physically drained and weakened. Emotionally, a person sometimes may feel heightened feelings of depression and/or anxiety.

Also known as a weed hangover, the come down experience from excessive marijuana use is said to be strongest after binge sessions. So, the more cannabis that is ingested within a certain time frame, the harsher the come down.

Like many symptoms and side affects of using drugs, such as hangovers, coming down feels differently for everyone. Some people may never experience a harsh come down, while other individuals may experience them often.


Maximum Yield Explains Coming Down

When coming down, you feel burnt out, groggy, and not clear-headed. The effects can occur the same day the drugs were ingested, and in some cases, not until the next day.

Coming down is sometimes referred to as a ‘weed hangover’. Interestingly enough, to get over a weed hangover, the only known cure is to smoke some more cannabis, as doing so returns the brain to the same state it was in before the hangover.

Some ways to come down from a high could be by managing your anxiety on a daily basis. Remember, if you're high on marijuana or any other psychedelic drug like LSD, mushrooms, or peyote, you can't overdose, and so you shouldn’t worry. Your surroundings can also have a big effect on the way you feel. If you're in a relaxing, calm place, it's easier to feel good, and if you're in a scary, stressful place, it's easier to feel panicked or stressed.

Since people around you also influence your high, make sure to surround yourself with people you are comfortable being around and can trust. Also keep in mind that other people probably won’t know you’re high, so don’t worry about other people discovering you are high. Concentrating on something besides the fact that you're high can make you much more relaxed and focused, in turn reducing your anxiety and lessening the mental side effects of coming down.


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