Last updated: September 25, 2018

What Does Cashed Mean?

Cashed refers to the state of smoked cannabis in a bowl, when the smoker determines that he or she has smoked all that can be smoked out of it. “Cashed” marijuana does not occur from the smoking of joints, since there is little to no residue left over when consumed that way. The word may appear alternately spelled as “Kashed” or incorrectly spelled or thought to be the word “cached”, believing the word to be derived for the meaning of a hidden place to store items. The “cash point” is that stage of the smoked cannabis when it is deemed to be cashed.


Maximum Yield Explains Cashed

When exactly a quantity of smoked marijuana is cashed is a debated topic among cannabis consumers and its determination is dependent upon the beholder. Some contend that it is cashed when there is nothing but ash left behind, others consider a bowl to be cashed when there is no more visible green or brown and others deem it cashed at all points in between based on the respective user’s tastes, tolerance for waste, the cost of said cannabis, etc.

An alternative definition for cashed, though similar, is to describe the state when the bowl is empty after having dumped the spent residue.


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