Last updated: May 12, 2021

What Does Buzzkill Mean?

A buzzkill is a slang term and can be anything that tends to spoil or ruin an otherwise enjoyable event or effect. This can happen especially when in relation to interrupting a drunken state or a drug-induced high. Unless you need to quickly get off of your high (come down) in case of emergencies, nobody wants a buzzkill, as it is an instant turn-off from your high or drunken state.

In the medical marijuana community, a buzzkill interrupts the healing effects of the cannabis, especially if you are using marijuana to medicate conditions like anxiety or depression.

Buzzkills can be different for everyone, and range from the wrong choice of music, being in bad company, or eating the wrong foods at the wrong time, etc.


Maximum Yield Explains Buzzkill

The word ‘buzzkill’ is derived from two words: buzz and kill. A 'buzz' is a word used to refer to a drunken or high state. So, if you are buzzed it means that you are mildly drunk or high and are feeling good from the alcohol or drug you have consumed, and it comes right before you are completely drunk.

Accordingly, a buzzkill is something that ‘kills’ a ‘buzz’. It is basically something that puts an end to something enjoyable and fun when in a drunk or high state. An example of a buzzkill could be when you’re enjoying your high with your friends but then suddenly you are called to do some housework or to pick up a shift at work. This ‘emergency’ to come down from your high could thus instantly turn your pleasurable mood upside down, resulting in a buzzkill.

Likewise, in such instances, it's convenient to know how to come down from an experience when you need to unexpectedly. So, make a record of your buzzkills so that you can draw on them if need be. Research how to control or kill your high in tough situations, so you'll be prepared to do so when you need to.


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