British Columbia Seed Company (BC Seeds)

Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does British Columbia Seed Company (BC Seeds) Mean?

The British Columbia Seed Company, better known by its acronym, BC Seeds, is a firm that was founded in the 1970s. It provides growers with access to high-quality cannabis seeds. The company offers a very wide range of strains, and can ensure growers are able to locate seeds that perfectly fit their growing requirements, ranging from indoor and outdoor heights to yields and other metrics.

The owner and founder of BC Seeds has been breeding cannabis on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada for more than 44 years. BC Seeds ships seeds world-wide.


Maximum Yield Explains British Columbia Seed Company (BC Seeds)

BC Seeds, or the British Columbia Seed Company, has existed since the mid-1970s. During that time, the company has specialized in cannabis genetics and today offers growers access to an incredibly wide range of cannabis strains.

Most of the seeds offered are the result of the company’s proprietary growing and breeding program, and run the gamut from Afghan and Afghan feminized, to Alaskan Delight and Yumboldt Bud. Note that the company also acts as a seed vault for cannabis seeds, storing both modern cultivars and original strains for future needs.

One of the most interesting aspects of BC Seeds is the range of filters provided to growers in order to sort their options. For instance, growers can sort their results by THC level, by CBD level, by indoor and outdoor yield, as well as by indoor and outdoor height. Additionally, they can sort seeds by flowering time, genetics and family tree, cloning difficulty, growing difficulty, odor, length/duration of results, and much more.

In addition to providing growers with access to information about cannabis seeds, BC Seeds also offers an informational repository of articles that provide details about growing, CBD effects and medicinal uses, as well as other important details.


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