Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Baked Mean?

In cannabis culture, 'baked' is a slang term meaning to be under the influence of marijuana. It especially alludes to the lethargic feeling that happens in many people when certain cannabis strains are consumed.

Unlike other slang terms that have fallen out of use, baked remains a popular way to say to someone that you're high. One especially popular use of the term baked includes the term 'wake and bake', which is when someone smokes in the morning or whenever they wake up.


Maximum Yield Explains Baked

Another word for baked is stoned, and the two words have similar connotations. To be baked is to be in a state of marijuana intoxication, to be high with physical feelings like heaviness, tiredness, hunger, or feeling warmness in the limbs and body.

Someone who is baked might have red eyes, seem confused, or forget what they are doing. Baked can also describe a mild euphoria where someone is giggly and has the munchies.

This term lends itself to other uses, such as a bake sale, which is a music festival where people might smoke; a baker is someone who smokes; and the term is also used when people are talking about actually baking and consuming edibles with THC infusions.

This term came into use in the '70s. Additional uses include being baked into the couch, or having smoked so much marijuana that someone is too lazy to move. Other people might describe it as a nice and gentle high that helps them get through the day. It is used exclusively when talking about a marijuana high, rather than a high achieved from drugs like cocaine or prescription drugs, for instance.


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