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Definition - What does Aphid mean?

An aphid is a type of insect pest that is a common problem for cannabis cultivators. Aphids are sap-sucking insects that thrive in temperate regions and can multiply very quickly if not controlled.

Aphids come in many colors, such as pale green, yellow, gray, brown, and pink. At only an eighth of an inch long, aphids, which have ovoid bodies and two antennae-like tubes protruding from the rear, can be difficult to spot without a magnifying glass.

Aphids can be winged, or non-winged. There are also root aphids, which differ slightly from regular aphids in that they have shorter legs and antennae, which makes them well-adapted for life underground.

MaximumYield explains Aphid

Cannabis growers must be on the lookout for all types of tests, especially aphids, which like the same temperatures as cannabis plants. An aphid infestation can cause the following problems: leaf curl, sticky leaves and stems, blackened leaves, an increase in ant populations, and distorted flowers and fruits.

Much of the damage is caused by something called honeydew, a sticky substance that the pests excrete on and among the plants.

Aphid populations in marijuana growrooms can be controlled in a number of different ways, including: dish soap and water, lemon sprays, sticky traps, screens, and chemical pesticides.

Although aphids are a common problem for cannabis growers, it should be noted that these pests also go after many other types of agricultural crops as well.

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