Definition - What does Aeroponics mean?

Aeroponics is a form of hydroponic growing that some cannabis growers use. It is an effective indoor gardening method in which the cannabis plants are grown and completely nourished by a misted nutrient solution.

In an aeroponics system, the plants are suspended, usually in net pots, with their root structures in air. The roots are sprayed with a nutrient and water solution at regular intervals.

Considered an advanced style of growing hydroponically, aeroponics is not an ideal set-up for beginners as it involves some technical equipment and constant monitoring.

Because marijuana plants, like many crops, can thrive when their roots are constantly or periodically exposed to a nutrient-rich mist, traditional soil is not used in aeroponics. This makes for a cleaner, more sterile growing environment. It's also considered a more efficient way to grow plants.

MaximumYield explains Aeroponics

Aeroponic gardening has its roots in outer space. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) once tested the effectiveness of aeroponics on the Mir space station. The results showed that Asian bean seedlings were capable of growing effectively in a nutrient solution in zero gravity.

In an aeroponic set-up, plants are typically suspended in the air in enclosed frames, which leaves the leafy tips and the roots able to grow. Many aeroponic systems look similar to traditional potted plant systems, with the key difference being that the containers are sealed around the plant bases and there is a closed environment for the root systems.

Instead of relying on a mixture of soil and water to feed the plants, aeroponic growers spray or mist the root systems with a nutrient solution that almost resembles fog. The nutrient-water mix is more efficiently by the plants, and less water is needed for them to grow, due to the enclosed environment.

Depending on the aeroponic system, nutrients are often sprayed manually at intervals throughout the day and night, but most aeroponic systems have one or more pumps that automatically keep plants nourished, without constant supervision. As long as the system is sealed and the nutrient mist is consistently delivered to the cannabis roots, plants should thrive in an aeroponic environment.

Drawbacks of aeroponics include the constant maintenance of the equipment. Tiny misters and foggers have been known to clog if not properly cleaned. In addition, plants won't survive long if there is any type of power outage.

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