Last updated: April 30, 2019

What Does Alpha-Pinene Mean?

Alpha-pinene is one of 11 important terpenes found in cannabis. It is responsible for a pine-like flavor and aroma, sometimes interpreted as turpentine-like, but it also has some important medicinal benefits.

Note that alpha-pinene can also be found in significant concentrations in other plants, including dill, rosemary, basil, and, of course, the needles of pine trees.


Maximum Yield Explains Alpha-Pinene

All plants contain terpenes, including cannabis. While there is a myriad of terpenes found in all cannabis strains, there are 11 that offer important benefits, not just for marijuana users, but for the medical community as a whole. One of the most interesting is alpha-pinene. Responsible for creating a piney flavor and aroma, or sometimes a turpentine-like aroma, alpha-pinene is a colorless, organic oil.

Alpha-pinene does more than just provide a piney aroma. It has a number of effects on marijuana users, and when isolated, extracted, and concentrated, can deliver important medicinal benefits. Some of the effects linked to the presence of alpha-pinene include improved alertness, a counteraction to the effects of THC, and improved memory.

In a medical setting, alpha-pinene is being studied for its many benefits. It can be used to help treat asthma, and it also has antiseptic properties, which makes it important in things like wound cleaning, sterilization and protection against contaminants and bacteria, as well as viruses. Some medical studies have noted that this terpene has potential anti-cancer benefits, and can also decrease oil production in the skin, making it important in many cosmetics.

Some of the strains noted as containing higher levels of this terpene include Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze, although there are several others, as well.


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