Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Alpha-Bisabolol Mean?

Sometimes called a-bisabolol, levomenol, or just bisabolol, alpha-bisabolol is a terpene. It’s most commonly found in German chamomile, but can also be extracted from the bark of the candeia tree in South America. However, it’s also a terpene in cannabis.

In addition to the smell and taste, alpha-bisabolol has been found to have many medicinal uses, including antibacterial benefits, wound healing, and even use as a deodorizer. There is ongoing research into its use as an anti-inflammatory, as well.


Maximum Yield Explains Alpha-Bisabolol

Most plants contain terpenes of various sorts. They’re responsible for things like aroma and flavor. You’ll also find them in some insects. Alpha-bisabolol is most commonly found in German chamomile, where it gives off a floral aroma and flavor. It can also be extracted from a South American tree, which is the primary source of alpha-bisabolol for the cosmetic industry.

Interestingly, it is also one of the 11 important terpenes, or “terps”, found in marijuana.

There are many uses for terpenes in cannabis. One of those is to manipulate the taste and smell of particular strains. By mapping terpene levels, they can then be manipulated and adjusted to give the desired smell or taste. However, there are other important benefits from terpenes, including alpha-bisabolol.

Alpha-bisabolol is associated with a floral aroma in any plant where it is found, including certain strains of marijuana. The Oracle strain has been noted for having a very high concentration of this particular terpene.

As mentioned, there are actually 11 important terpenes found in cannabis. A few examples of others include delta 3 carene, linalool, borneol, alpha-pinene and eucalyptol. All have medicinal uses, in addition to their role in influencing aroma and flavor.


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