Trim Run Concentrate

Definition - What does Trim Run Concentrate mean?

Trim run concentrate is a type of cannabis concentrate that is made from the trimmings of the cannabis plant. Normally, growers are left with large quantities of cast-off trim cuttings from cannabis plant cultivation. The trim cuttings are comprised of stems, stalks, and leaves, as well as, on rare occasions, tiny pieces of bud or flower.

Generally, trim cuttings contain fewer terpenes, cannabinoids, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than buds and flowers. However, trim cuttings still remain relatively potent and are used to make trim cutting concentrates.

MaximumYield explains Trim Run Concentrate

Trim cut concentrates are usually widely available because of the sheer quantity of trim cuttings that cannabis growers are left with after harvest of the plant’s buds and flowers.

Unlike more expensive concentrates such as nug run, which is made from the coveted buds and flowers of the cannabis plant, trim run concentrates tend to be more affordable. Most cannabis manufacturers consider trim run to be the recycled parts of the cannabis plant that would normally be discarded.

Trim run tends to not possess the pungent aroma of other cannabis concentrates. Usually, it has little or no smell. When dabbing trim run, there is generally a more intense chlorophyll taste than other high-end concentrates such as nug run.

Trim run is also a bit harsher on the throat than other concentrates.

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