Super-Critical Botanical Extractor

Last updated: September 6, 2022

What Does Super-Critical Botanical Extractor Mean?

A super-critical botanical extractor uses CO2 to create high-quality cannabis extracts. The machine generates changes in the carbon dioxide with a combination of temperature and pressure. The cannabinoid-rich oils are separated from the plant material.

The extractor creates a clean, pure oil that has no solvent residue. A high-tech machine, the super-critical botanical extractor allows the extraction artist to fine tune the controls and setting to ensure a high yield and a superior oil.


Maximum Yield Explains Super-Critical Botanical Extractor

When it comes to cannabis extraction, a variety of methods can be used, including alcohol extraction, butane extraction, and CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction, also known as supercritical fluid extraction (SFE), uses carbon dioxide (CO2) heat compressed to a critical point.

A super-critical botanical extractor has the ability to separate individual compounds during the extraction process. The machinery is typically expensive, large, and bulky (more suitable for factories), but lately there have been smaller desktop versions entering the market, which are suitable for at-home use.

For years, the food and beverage industry has used super-critical extractors to decaffeinate coffee. Essential oils and some snack foods are also created utilizing the extractors. However, in recent years the primary use of a super-critical botanical extractor has been to separate the cannabis plant’s raw material from its cannabinoid oils.

Super-critical extraction is one of the safest processes used to create cannabis concentrates and remains the number one extraction option for medicinal and pharmaceutical grade marijuana concentrates due to it leaving no solvents behind in the end product.

The information on this page is purely informational and should not be considered instructional. The creation of cannabis extracts can be extremely dangerous and requires a full understanding of the process and risks involved.


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