Seed-to-Sale Concentrates

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Seed-to-Sale Concentrates Mean?

Seed-to-sale concentrates come from a company that grows the seeds into plants, and then creates the concentrates. There are no middle-man growers.

When it comes to seed-to-sale concentrates, only one company handles all aspects of the growth, cultivation, harvest, and creation of the concentrates that will ultimately be sold.

Often times, pharmaceutical quality cannabis concentrates are seed-to-sale concentrates to ensure or guarantee the product’s purity.


Maximum Yield Explains Seed-to-Sale Concentrates

Seed-to-sale concentrates are considered top-shelf products. The companies have normally put a great deal of care and innovation into creating a premium concentrate. Every step of the plant’s life and the concentrates' creation are well documented and follow stringent protocol.

The purity and freshness of the cannabis product make the seed-to-sale concentrates a favorite choice for medicinal marijuana users. Generally, the products are made in medicinal laboratories using top-of-the-line equipment.

Many companies involved in seed-to-sale concentrate manufacturing opt to use hydrocarbon extractors, and then the concentrates are further purged to ensure cleanliness.


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