What Does Spliff Mean?

While joints and blunts contain pure cannabis only, spliffs are a type of joint, rolled with a mixture of tobacco and marijuana. Spliffs often use a high ratio of marijuana to tobacco, but when hash is used or if the cannabis is of high quality, the ratio can be decreased to conserve. They are traditionally rolled in a European conical-style shape in rolling paper or even in cigarettes. Sometimes, the term ‘spliff’ is also just used to refer to a really nice, well-rolled joint.


Maximum Yield Explains Spliff

Spliffs are seen to be a bit more common among weed smokers. Unlike joints, spliffs do not self-extinguish and do not canoe (meaning one side does not burn faster than the other) due to the added tobacco, which fills in air pockets within the ground marijuana. On top of that, spliffs save up your stock of weed since it is mixed with tobacco.

Another reason as to why spliffs are popular is because they are discreet. The tobacco tends to cover some of the smell of the cannabis, thus making it seem like you’re just smoking a normal cigarette. Also, since tobacco is added to the cannabis, the cerebral effects of smoking a spliff are less potent. However, this again depends on the ratio of weed vs. tobacco you have used in them. Not all spliffs are created equal; some taste like a traditional cigarette, while others have an added depth to the flavor profile.


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