Last updated: March 30, 2021

What Does Sensimilla Mean?

Sensimilla means “without seeds”. The term was coined in the 1970s on the west coast to describe seedless cannabis flowers that come from unfertilized female plants, specifically used to imply a high-THC-potency product.


Maximum Yield Explains Sensimilla

As pollinated cannabis plants spends its energy on producing seeds, unpollinated female plants spend their energy on producing and developing resin content. The same resin that contains the majority of cannabis’s key psychoactive cannabinoids; potent, THC-rich cannabis can only be achieved through the development of unpollinated female cannabis flowers.

Before modern cannabis cultivation in California was established, wild grown cannabis, imported from Mexico, was pollinated and contained seeds. This fertilized cannabis was less potent and flavorful due to lack of resin development. Eventually it was learned that superior cannabis came from unfertilized female flowers. The term sensimilla was coined during at a time and place where “the good stuff” on the market meant the seedless, craft grown cannabis.

As all cannabis on the market today consists of seedless, female flowers, sensimilla is used contemporarily to describe particularly potent strains of weed.




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