Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Schwag Mean?

Schwag is a cannabis slang term used to refer to low-quality, inferior marijuana. The term is usually used in reference to cheap marijuana that comes out of Mexico. The marijuana product referred to as schwag is typically brown, overly dry, and contains excessive seeds, stems, and other unsavory plant fibers.

Schwag usually has a foul odor and does not boast any of the telltale aromatic terpenes of quality or top-shelf cannabis.

Many people also refer to schwag as 'skunkweed'.


Maximum Yield Explains Schwag

Schwag usually has very low concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) and other cannabinoids. Most of the time, it barely gets the user high, or else it takes an excessive amount for a user to even feel the effects of the low THC.

At the time of purchase, schwag is often just a bag of plant stems and shake instead of premium buds. There are usually no visually discernible trichomes on the schwag cannabis plant fibers. The flavor of schwag is either flavorless or harsh.

In particular, when smoking schwag, the effects on the user’s throat and respiratory system are usually harsh. The user might start coughing and experience a raspy, sore throat after each hit.

Many dispensaries avoid selling schwag because if they do, they risk getting a negative reputation. Some dealer who openly sell schwag sell it for a reduced price point, further alerting someone to the fact that what they are buying is not premium bud.


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