Isopropyl Hash Oil (QWISO)

Last updated: September 6, 2022

What Does Isopropyl Hash Oil (QWISO) Mean?

Also called QWISO, or quick-wash hash, isopropyl hash oil is a cannabis extract made by stripping (extracting) trichomes from mature cannabis flowers using isopropyl alcohol.

Only isopropyl alcohol can be used in this alcohol extraction method; it should never be substituted with rubbing alcohol or ethyl alcohol (drinking alcohol). It’s also important to understand that while this is a “quick wash” method, it should not be rushed; doing so could result in reduced quality, reduced effectiveness, and other problems.

Isopropyl hash oil should not be confused with butane hash oil (BHO), which is a similar product but is made using a different extraction method (butane extraction rather than alcohol extraction).


Maximum Yield Explains Isopropyl Hash Oil (QWISO)

There is a myriad of production methods used in the medical marijuana industry. One that is used to extract the trichomes from cannabis flowers and create hash oil is isopropyl extraction, or stripping. Sometimes called quick-wash hash, or QWISO, isopropyl hash oil is a concentrated version of what is usually obtained from marijuana by smoking the nug (flower or bud).

It’s important to understand that only isopropyl alcohol should be used in this process. Any other type of alcohol, including grain alcohol meant for drinking, will result in an unsafe situation.

In the quick wash ISO method, you’ll need several pieces of equipment. Items needed include a glass coffee pot, a metal screen or filter (a permanent coffee filter works well), paper coffee filters, and a clean glass bowl. You will also need a splash guard, as well as a mason jar, a plastic storage container, cutting utensils, and access to an electric oven.

The process of creating isopropyl hash oil is relatively simple. Both the alcohol and the cannabis trimmings or nugs should be frozen for several days ahead of time. Then, the trimmings are placed in the mason jar and alcohol is added until the jar is almost full. Close the lid and shake the jar for about a minute.

The mixture is then strained, with the plant matter going into the plastic container. The alcohol mixture is then strained multiple times through paper filters into the coffee carafe, and then left in the sun to evaporate. The mix is then scraped from the Pyrex dish, cooked in the oven for several minutes, and then blended.

The information on this page is purely informational and should not be considered instructional. The creation of cannabis extracts can be extremely dangerous and requires a full understanding of the process and risks involved.


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