Dab Rig Case (Pelican Case)

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Dab Rig Case (Pelican Case) Mean?

A dab rig case is a sturdy carrying case designed to keep your glassware safe during your travels.

Any type of carrying case that is suitable for transporting fragile, delicate items can be used as a dab rig case.

A popular choice for carrying dab rigs is a Pelican Case, which resembles a heavy-duty briefcase and contains foam inserts to protect its small, glass contents.


Maximum Yield Explains Dab Rig Case (Pelican Case)

Dab rigs are delicate pieces of equipment and come with a few different components that a dabber needs to keep track of. Dab rig cases are essential for people who use dabs and commute, vacation often, attend lots of parties and events, or just simply want to dab on the go.

Dab rig cases usually come equipped with varying layers of protective foam that can be customized to better fit your dab rigs, and have a high-quality yet lightweight resin/plastic exterior that will keep the contents safe from drops.

Dab rig cases range in size and color to suit a wide demographic but are typically between 8 and 13 inches long. They are generally stealthy in design. Because dab rig cases are essentially general-purpose cases, they are readily available through big box stores and retailers.

Pelican Cases are watertight and come with automatic pressure equalization valves, stainless steel pins, and double-throw latches, which is why they have become so popular for people who use dabs. Inside, consumers can choose pluck or layered foam, padded divider sets, or in a select number of cases, walls lined with foam or filled with hard-layered foam.


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